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Conjunto 70 no WOMEX

Conjunto 70 and Samy Ben Redjeb's performance at Elinga this past May was so successful that the team is performing at WOMEX in Copenhagen on Wednesday, October 26 (good work to Luanda's Mano a Mano Produções in putting their money where they're mouth is and carrying through with their promise). Its amazing news for 'música popular angolana' and I'm ecstatic for them. More details to follow:

O concerto do Conjunto 70 e o Samy Ben Redjeb foi um verdadeiro sucesso, e uma das repercurssões deste sucesso é a aparição do Conjunto no WOMEX a decorrer em Copenhagen no dia 26 de Outubro do ano em curso. Ou seja, daqui a dois dias. É caso pra dizer, bom trabalho a equipa da Mano a Mano Produções de Luanda que prometeu e cumpriu. Esta é uma excelente notícia para os amantes da música popular angolana, e faço votos que este concerto seja outro estrondoso sucesso. A saber:

WOMEX Opening

Conjunto Angola 70 (AGO)

Angolan Semba

Wednesday 26. October / Doors at 22:00 / Entrance 100 kr.  - BUY TICKET >>
(Notice: Due to reservations for WOMEX delegates, only a reduced amount of tickets on sale)
"A rousing and intriguing compilation ... well worth checking out." - The Guardian
"Stunning ... Glorious music, captured in its prime and re-presented with style." - Evening Standard

Africa in the 1970s was, in more ways than one, a revolutionary hotbed.  Through the euphoria of national independence or the hardship of civil strife, Africans seized the time to re-establish their identity by reinventing their sound - the lifeblood of their tradition.  Extraordinary rhythmic revolutions consumed the continent, culminating into what is without question the enlightened era of African music.  Angola's capital Luanda in particular, was a headquarter for one of the strongest forces propelling the pan-African music movement.
Conjuto_Angola_70_Web_Article_6As the successful fight for independence manifested into a tragic civil war, deeply inspired Angolan musicians produced some of the most sophisticated and beautiful sounds which most of the world has yet to hear.  A powerful confluence of traditional rhythms from Luanda’s islands, psychedelic guitar sounds imported from neighbouring Congo, Latin grooves, old school Caribbean Merengue and the hard beat of the Angolan carnival bands blended to create the rich and emotional modern music of Angola.  Rhythms such as Rebita, Kazukuta, Semba and Merengue, to name just a few, comprise the vast array of Angola's golden age of music - captured and compiled on the largely successful "Angola Soundtrack," Analog Africa's ninth release.
Unfortunately, the sweet sounds of the former Portuguese colony's musical heyday have almost completely disappeared, making only shy appearances during the annual carnival in Luanda. To resurrect the country's formidable vintage music scene and incorporate all that has been lost through the years, an all-star band consisting exclusively of Angola's finest talent from its golden generation of instrumentalists, composers and vocalists has been formed.
In collaboration with Dutch tour organizer RASA and the Goethe-Institute, Samy Ben Redjeb - Analog Africa's founder - and Luanda's Mano a Mano Produções have painstakingly managed to bring together the abundant world-class talent from Angola's turbulent golden music era. The original anchor of the project, Os Bongos' Boto Trindade(composer of "Pachanga Maria" and guitarist on "Kazucuta"), recommended still-active comrades from the 1970s that would suit the aim of authentically recreating the lost sound of Luanda.  With Boto's essential backing, the core of the band took shape: Joãozinho Margado (Percussion/Negoleiros do Ritmo), Teddy N'Singui (Guitarist/Inter-Palanca) - current leader of the national radio band and considered by many as the best lead guitarist in the country, Raúl Tolingas (Dikanza/Conjunto Kissanguela) and Gregorio Mulatu (Lead singer/Aguias Reais).  In addition to these class acts, the rythmic backbone of this troupe will consist of Angolan legends Chico Montenegro (Singer & bongos/Jovens do Prenda),Carlitos Timótio (Bass/Africa Show) and Dulcio Trindade (Rhythm guitar/David Zé's FAPLA Povo).
A piece of forgotten history and the treasured repertoires that once serenaded one of Africa's most vibrant and picturesque coastal capitals is set to be reborn across Europe through a group of legendary musicians who, amongst others, spearheaded the revolution of the Angolan sound and have now come together under the name, "Conjunto Angola 70".

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