Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Angola: In the eye of the beholder

Tanta Asneira pra Dizer Luanda É Bonita
Foto por Edson Chagas
I like it when Louise finds herself in Luanda – besides humorous and ironic tweets I can always expect good quality journalism, in English, about the city where I was born. The piece below is one of her most recent articles on my city’s burgeoning arts scene.

Gosto quando o destino força a Louise a regressar a Luanda – para além de tweets engraçados e irônicos posso sempre esperar por jornalismo bem feito, em inglês, sobre a cidade que me viu nascer. O artigo abaixo é um dos seus mais recentes e fala sobre a excelente cultura artística de Luanda.

Angola: in the eye of the beholder
A successful play and a downtown arts festival both tap into Luandans' fascination for their own city and its urban life.
Angola's capital, Luanda, boasts a rich cultural calendar for 2012, dominated by works that have the city itself at their heart. One of the highlights is Nuno Milagre's new play [I]Tanta Asneira Para Dizer Luanda é Bonita[/I] (Utter Nonsense to Say Luanda is Beautiful), which was on in January at the Teatro Nacional Chá de Caxinde.
Portuguese director Milagre, who first worked in Angola in 2002 on the critically acclaimed film [I]O Herói[/I], shows a comedic but probing appreciation of Luanda's idiosyncrasies, the good and the bad, the amusing and the tragic.

click here to read the rest of the article (from The Africa Report)

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