Thursday, July 30, 2009

Luanda International Jazz Festival

Luanda International Jazz FestivalIt is my absolute pleasure to let you know that today marks the first day of the Luanda International Jazz Festival, the first of its kind to ever set stage in Luanda or Angola for that matter. It is being organized by none other than my uncle Antonio 'Toy' Cristovao, CEO of Ritek Empreendimentos, whom I worked for a couple of summers ago. This promises to be a massive event and it pains me greatly that I won't be able to attend it. Just look at the lineup:

Vanessa da Mata, from Brazil
Toto, from Angola
Jimmy Dludlu, from Mozambique/South Africa
Paulo Flores, from Angola
Afrikkanitha, from Angola
Sandra Cordeiro, from Angola
Freshlyground, from South Africa
Lira, from South Africa
Marcus Wyatt, from South Africa
McCoy Tyner, from the USA
and lastly the Yellowjackets, also from the USA

This event is taking place over 3 days at Cine Atlantico in Downtown Luanda and promises to be a great show. The production of this event is by the same South African team that organizes the legendary Cape Town Jazz Festival. Nothing of this magnitude has ever graced the Kianda's shores and the artistic and cultural display here is magnificent. Jazz at close to it's finest - even McCoy Tyner is making an appearance. For more information, visit the event's official website. If only I had a plane ticket to Luanda...

Official Website
Event Description


paulo sergio. said...

the festival was great, very well organized by the producers of the festival and ritek an angolan enterprice, whom the owner and most of their workers are from my family, and also the stuff of the festival, so i am so happy with al of them! este festival para mim foi um dos mais bem organizados em luanda, e deve servir de exemplo a promotores de eventos como riquinho que so se interessam pelas vendas de bilhetes e não poela organização dos eventos, e os resultados são o que são! muitos atrasos, confusão nas entradas e saidas e coisas do genero.

all the artist made great performances. Dodo miranda opened the event with a great performance, especialy when he sing we are the world! he could also made the voices of the singers! Jimmy dludlu also made a great performance, he is a master with the guitar in his hand!
freshlyground was one of the best performances of the festival! the crowd was amazed with their choreography, and the energetic songs. the last song I'D LIKE is so beautifull. the crowd just love it. the performance was so good that altough almost nobody knew the band at the and many people spent sonething like 100 usd buying all the cds and tshirts of the band.
vanessa da mata also made a great permormance. the last song AI AI AI puted everyone in front of the stage singing!!

i heard that lira also made a great performance, she even danced DO MILINDRO. theres a kuduro move!
next year there's more, and maybe better than this one. ouvi ke o PR quer por o festival no orcamento do ministerio da cultura mas eh so fofoca! :P mas parece que tem muitas empresas que querem patrocinar o mambo, por isso pro ano não faltem!!

Claudio Silva said...

Valeu pelo comentario brada, muito obrigado mesmo! Vou por em destaque como o seu proprio post. Fico feliz por saber que disfrutaste, mano. Aquele abraco!

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