Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yuri da Cunha Is Swinging His Hips Through Europe with Eros Ramazzotti

Yuri da CunhaGet this. Angolan semba master Yuri da Cunha is currently on a 60 day tour throughout Italy and the rest of Europe in a bid to begin selling his records worldwide. He deserves nothing less. One of Angola’s most popular, talented, and beloved artist, the ‘showman’, as he is called, is on tour with Eros Ramazzotti and is the opening act for all of the Italian’s concerts in a journey that includes stops in Spain and France. The two might also record a double-CD together. If you live in Europe and love semba, I honestly don’t know what you’re waiting for to book your ticket. Eros Ramazzotti is a star of course, his singing is phenomenal, but there is nothing, absolutely nothing, like seeing Yuri da Cunha perform live. You see the dance moves he does below? He does that on stage, and even better. Yuri has done one concert already in Rimini, and the Italians loved him. Below is the video for his hit single Kuma Kwa Kié, sung in the Kimbundu dialect, which he will be performing with gusto wherever this tour takes him.

- Photo: Yuri da Cunha at Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon, by pestanarui

Em Angola isto ja não é noticía, mas para os outros leitores deste blogue que falam a lingua de Camões, o nosso grande artista e show man Yuri da Cunha está delirar os povos europeus e vai continuar delirando-os por mais dois meses. É que Yuri da Cunha está fazendo uma digressão pela Itália, Espanha, e França a convite do italiano Eros Ramazzotti; Yuri esta encarregado de abrir os concertos do gigante da música italiana. E há quem diga que os dois vão fazer um disco juntos para poder facilitar o lançamento de Yuri da Cunha em terras europeais. Por isso, e porque este cantor é um verdadeiro tsunami em palco, este é uma série de concertos a não perder. Eros Ramazzotti é um cantor com classe e detentor de um historial rico, é de salientar, mas devo dizer que não ha ninguém, ninguém mesmo, que usa o palco da mesma maneira que Yuri da Cunha o faz. Está lançada a alerta. Acima está o vídeo de Kuma Kwa Kié, que o ganhou o Top dos Mais Queridos em Luanda. E, claro, é uma música que Yuri vai cantar em todos os palcos desta sua digressão.


Pedro said...

Very Good,
I've listened to some of Ero's music in the past, but unfortunately was not the fondest of it, though there were some songs of his I do enjoy, such as Otra Como Tu, but Yuri is way out of his league from what I've seen here. I quite enjoyed the video as well, he's got some moves. Amazing job with the blog by the way, packed alot of info on here, glad to hear there still is good music.

Claudio Silva said...

Pedro, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed Yuri da Cunha and that you're having a good time with the blog. Good music is alive and well. And thanks for Natiruts, I really like what I've been hearing so far...I started with their "O Melhor de Natiruts" album just to familiarize myself and it's exactly what I love.

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