Thursday, October 8, 2009

8 Musicians That Will Make You Rethink World Music

Jonsi8 Musicians That Will Make You Rethink World Music

A couple of days ago I wrote an article by that same name for one of my favorite websites, Matador Nights, which is part of the Matador Network, “the world’s largest independent travel magazine.” Writing that article was a pleasure for me and included in it are familiar faces around these parts, including Madredeus, 340ml, Buraka Som Sistema, Cibelle, and Tcheka. Come to think of it…my article was probably a bit slanted towards Lusophone artists ;) But I also got the opportunity to talk about artists that I absolutely love but happen to not sing in Portuguese, such as the incomparable Sigur Rós (in the photo above), Souad Massi, and Federico Aubele. Included on this post are two tracks: one from Tcheka, in case you still haven’t bought the album and are looking for added incentive (Sabu is a gorgeous song), and one from Souad Massi, the Algerian chanteuse with a stunning voice and Arabic lyrics. Bel El Madhi (The Gates of the Past) features in her sophomore effort, Deb, and with its guitar and flutes, is a beautiful song.

Bel El Madhi (The Gates of the Past)

-Photo by Frinky

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