Thursday, November 5, 2009


Sara Tavares Xinti TourThere are a number of things going on around the world today and for the rest of the weekend regarding Lusophone artists. As I found out from commenter Olavio di Txada earlier this week, Ferro Gaita are back in Europe and will perform in Oslo, Norway tomorrow, for the Oslo World Music Festival. It’s nice to see Cape Verdean music heating up faraway lands like Oslo. Yuri da Cunha continues to tour Europe with Ramazzotti; he was just in Budapest, Hungary and the Hungarians liked what they saw.

Hoje a noite ha show de Suzanna!

But if you live in Luanda, here are two important bits of news: Suzanna Lubrano will be performing live tonight at Cine Atlantico in a concert starring Yola Semedo, Johnny Ramos, Loony Johnson, and others; and if you’re a jazz aficionado, head over to Hotel Trópico on November 13th and 14th to see the American Joshua Redman perform live with Aaron Goldberg, Gregory Hutchinson and Reuben Rogers for what promises to be world class jazz at an intimate setting.

And for those who live in California, or greater North America for that matter, Sara Tavares is in the country! She kicks off the North American leg of her tour TONIGHT with a performance in L.A. at the Skirball Cultural Center, followed by concerts in San Francisco tomorrow (Friday) and Turlock on Saturday. Before a trip north to Calgary on November 10.

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