Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top Lusophone Albums of 2009: The Shortlist

In reality, this list should have been compiled a lot sooner. But somehow, the last weeks of December always seem to be the busiest ones.

Caipirinha Lounge was created in March of this year and it’s hard to believe that the year is coming to an end. Writing for this website has become second nature to me, a routine of sorts…I get jittery if I go too long without writing in it. It’s made me a pathological music consumer, it’s become my aural drug. Through it and because of it I have discovered many amazing artists that I would otherwise not have heard about, and have been kept awake at night by many a soulful singer, by many a Portuguese lyric.

This post aims to share with you what I think have been the best Lusophone albums of 2009. Many of my favorite discoveries this year have been of artists that released their best work in 2008 (Carmen Souza, Tcheka, Dino, 340ml, Bonga and his Bairro, etc) and some of them don’t even sing in Portuguese (Blick Bassy) and so it pains me that they cannot be included in this list. Many of the albums have been featured on this site, while others have been listened to but not featured here. Nonetheless, this shortlist is a beautiful one. I am no professional music critic, I’ve never studied music seriously, I have not heard all the Lusophone albums released in 2009, especially the ones in Brazil, and so I really have no authority on judging other people’s thrillingly hard work. As such, this list is merely my opinion, a window into what’s moved me this eventful year. Tomorrow I’ll actually rank the top 10. For now, here is the shortlist:

Tasca Beat – Oquestrada
Nha Sentimento – Cesaria Évora
Eclipse – Lura
Xinti – Sara Tavares
• Kuma Kwa Kié – Yuri da Cunha
Stória, Stória – Mayra Andrade
Comfusões – Mauricio Pacheco
Vagarosa - CéU
Festa Mascarado – Suzanna Lubrano
• Matriz – Tereza Salgueiro
Diários de Marcos Robert – Bob da Rage Sense
Kianda Luanda – Konde
• Best of Bonga - Bonga
• All In One – Bebel Gilberto
• A Nova Aurora – Madredeus & A Banda Cósmica
Babalaze - Azagaia

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